Collaborating with your team to reach your goal of software that works

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Software often doesn’t work as intended.  Sometimes, despite the team’s best efforts, major bugs get into production.  Other times, the software may be error free but simply not meet the needs of the business.  Often, the problems with software is due to the process rather than any lack of skill or effort on the part of the team.


QA Sherpa works with your team to discover and implement the highest value process improvements that lead to working software that delights your customers.  We have interactive discussions with the people who know the current process and issues best at all parts of the process, including sales, product owners, developers, testers, support, and customers.  QA Sherpa then analyzes the feedback from the team combined with QA Sherpa’s extensive experience to generate a recommendations report that guides you to the highest value improvements to the process.  We also help the team implement the recommendations to ensure you receive tangible, visible value from the report rather than simply adding reading material to the shelf.


The end result is software that works.
It is a mistake to assume that if everybody does his job, it will be
all right. The whole system may be in trouble.
— W. Edwards Deming
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